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SEO is a long-term investment. You may have heard this word a lot. This is absolutely the right proposition.

I am putting it on; When I describe or define SEO, I personalize it as the most hard-working and active marketing employee of a company.

Taking this employee and sending it for 3-5 months, you would appreciate suicide. There are 2 issues that I especially emphasize to the people and managers of the companies’ marketing units during training, during our chats and during the service we provide: Firstly, ‘never stop content marketing’ and ‘never stop SEO’ in parallel.

If you stop marketing content on your website:

You will miss current and new trends. In this way, you run the risk of losing your old content updated and not being able to appear on new keywords.
If we take it by Inbound marketing, it causes you not to have up-to-date content, to share less of your website / content on digital media, to be less recommended and thus to get less inbound links.
If we give an example from Netvent, we regularly mailing our mailing list we create naturally. In these mailing works we do, in our social media posts, we regularly produce blogs, podcasts, etc. We share our content. When we cannot produce regularly, the shares we can make from ourselves are very limited or old.
The main purpose of your bone mass, who regularly visit your website, is to share current and quality content. Especially when evaluating a website, Google highlights the websites that attract visitors along with organic brand searches. (ex: Netvent Blog)

Do not neglect the technical development part of your website:

There are many tools that are quite sufficient and free to be able to check your website technically. Do not ignore the suggestions offered by tools such as,
You should not miss technical issues such as page speed, visual optimizations, mobile compatibility, AMP, PWA. In its simplest form, Google has announced in every official statement that it will never show mobile-friendly and slow-opening web pages ‘top’.

If you can’t produce regular content, edit the old ones:

You think that you have created enough content so far, you cannot produce new content; So you can keep your content fresh by updating your existing content.
Ensuring that your existing content is updated as a result of current developments will create a + value for both your returning visitors and for the first time visitors.
For example, if you are an economy-based site, the current exchange rates that you can provide with a simple plugin and which will appear on your related pages will add you +1 value.
Update your old content by linking on related topics. For example, I can link our SEO Consultancy page from this article.

If you stop doing SEO:

As you invest in your website (both content, software, user orientation, paid marketing operations etc.), you will see how different your target audience reaches you from search engines with different words or word groups.

If you stop your SEO operations, you will lose your competitive advantage.
Internet production is progressing like an avalanche. Consequently, the invisible part of the iceberg increases with the content that is legal and illegal content. We use the term “spam content” and “spam backlink” for these illegal content in the SEO world. If you give up your SEO work and leave the control, you will accept the bad links coming to your website and all the negative news about you.
The backlink strategy you have created will be completely derailed and the organic values ​​of your website will start to decrease day by day.
The world of SEO was divided into two when I first entered the sector (2007). White Hat, Black Hat SEO. However, today it is divided into 3 categories. White, Black and Gray. As you can imagine, black hats are the people who dream of getting rich shortly and are concerned with the illegal part of the business. White hats are the user-oriented thinking part in a completely natural way. The gray-capped ones, on the other hand, become the liberal part of the two, so to speak ?
If you stop the SEO work of your website, you also give an opportunity to the malicious ones of your competitors or candidate competitors. Your website may be attacked at any time, anti SEO works can be carried out, or negative news can be spread about you through anti PR works on digital channels.



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